Term And Conditions

Fonocase is an online platform allowing manufacturers and sellers to trade in one place. 
Fonocase holds the right to alter or amend the terms and condition of the website based on the market condition and legal policies of the organisation. Customers and Sellers are hereby notified to read the terms and condition carefully as Fonocase may not intimate you of every change in the terms and conditions. 
Binding Contract
All of you entering into a transaction in Fono Case are therefore requested to read the ‘terms’ and ‘conditions’ of the website. Once accepted, you have entered into a legally binding contract between you and Fonocase. When used and purchased any product displayed on this website, Fono case will consider this as a clear indication of your acceptance to the website’s terms, conditions, rules, privacy policies and all the procedures associated with the website. By purchasing from our website you are also agreeing about the website’s rule regarding the occasional amendment of the website without personally notifying you. For any queries, comments or complaints regarding the terms of the website, feel free to call us at :
Eligibility to use
When we use the term ‘you’ on this website, it will imply your own identity. The term ‘you’ also includes the event under which you accept the terms, privacy policy and the conditions of the website. The term ‘You’ also refers to any company or corporate entity or any other legal entity on behalf of which you agree to our website’s terms, conditions and privacy policy. 
It is mandatory for an individual to be at least achieve the minimum age of 18 for legally accepting the terms, conditions and policy of the website. You must be at least 18 years of age, irrespective of the fact that you are accepting on behalf of a legal entity, a business entity or any company. Failed to meet these requirements, you are not legally permitted to agree to our terms, conditions and privacy policy of our website. If found any discrepancy in your agreement regarding eligibility, Fonocase reserve the right to terminate your subscription or refuse to provide service to you. 

Account & Registration Obligations
When you consider using our website, you are ensuring us that you are of legal age. Only then you can form a binding contract with our website. You are agreeing that you are not forbidden to receive services as per any law in India. 
By accepting our terms, conditions and privacy policy, you are agreeing to provide your true and complete information to our website when you are asked during the registration process. 
Your account will be terminated or suspended under the ground:
i. if you are found to provide inaccurate, incomplete, or not current information.
ii. if your previously provided information becomes invalid, inaccurate or incomplete in future
iii. if we have reasonable ground to suspect discrepancy in your provided information.
We then have the authority to terminate, suspect your account and refuse to offer you services in the current scenario or in future. You are agreeing to indemnify Fonocase for any loss, claim, damages, and legal costs, professional costs regarding any violation or abuse including those aforesaid.
When we mention “Your Information”, it is the information which you provide us during registration or buying process. the information you provided in the feedback area or through email will also be considered as “your information”. 
All your provided information will be provided by us as per our stated rules in Privacy Policy. You are liable for maintaining the confidentiality of your Login ID and password. You also agree that you will restrict other parties to the device or system while accessing our website or, where you have the store your login credentials for this website. We do not hold any responsibility of any loss or damage if arise due to your failure in safeguarding your protect your password or account. 
“Your Information” is defined as any information you provide to us in the registration, buying or listing process, in the feedback area or through any email feature. We will protect Your Information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you use the Website, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Your Login ID and Password and for restricting access to your computer, and you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under Your Login ID or Password. We shall not be liable to any person for any loss or damage which may arise as a result of any failure by you to protect your password or account. You undertake to indemnify and keep indemnified Fonocase for any loss, claim, damage, costs (including legal and professional costs) relating to your responsibility or liability or failure including those aforesaid. When encountering any breach of security, unauthorised access to your account, you are liable to notify us immediately. In its sole discretion, we reserve the rights to terminate, remove or modify the contents or refuse services to your account. 

Grant of Rights & User Conduct
When you agree and comply with these terms, Fonocase will grant you a non-exclusive, limited, revocable, non-transferable license to use the services of Fonocase. The rights don’t include for you to sublicense and can only be used for the intended purpose as mentioned in the terms. When you use the website you are agreeing to:
1. Provide accurate, current and complete information and keep them regularly maintained and updated as required.
2. The fact that you are legally allowed to access the website and is not interfering with the country’s legal system.
3. take all necessary precautions to keep your computer system or any other accessing device safe from viruses, malicious computer codes or any other forms of suspicious or dangerous interferences. Accessing our website automatically indicates that you have taken all necessary steps to safeguard your credentials from online frauds, hackers and other malicious activities.
When you opt for our services offered in Fonocase, you are by default agreeing and accepting that we are providing you with a platform to purchase products mentioned in our website. We do not hold any responsibility arises between you or any third parties. 

Credit/Debit Card Details
When using a credit or debit card while purchasing products from Fonocase website, you are agreeing, understand and confirm that you are the owner of the credit/ debit card. You are also agreeing that you will not use a credit/debit card which is not legally owned by you. 
You agree to provide accurate and valid credit/debit card details while establishing a payment procedure on our website. You also understand and clear that we do not store your credit/ debit card, net banking details in our possession. If your bank failed to provide authorisation during the transaction, then we will consider the transaction as fail and does not process the order any further. If any amount deducted from your credit/debit or bank is debited and the transaction failed, then the amount will be credited back to the respective bank account. You are liable for the occurrence of any credit/debit card fraud. Any fraudulent transaction made from your card will be your liability exclusively. 

Fraudulent/Declined Transactions
Our payment partners like payment gateways, facilitators, banks and our fraud detection team periodically check your account to avoid fraudulent activities and transactions. By agreeing our terms, you are agreeing that you will never acquire any discount coupons or vouchers through the fraudulent way. illegal usage of discount coupons or vouchers makes your liable for legal action. Fonocase reserve the right to recover the cost of goods, lawyer charges and collection charges from you, if find you using our website fraudulently. 
You agree that you will conduct any unlawful acts or omit any breach of the terms and conditions of the website. If found guilty, we reserve the rights to undertake legal proceedings against you for the same. After detecting any fraudulent behaviour from a User part, we reserve the rights to delete the user account(s) before taking legal proceedings. Following that, we also own the rights to dishonours all past and pending orders without any liability. We don’t own any liability or refunds to dishonoured users. 

You Agree and Confirm
1. That you shall use the services of the website only through legal purposes and comply with all the laws and regulation applicable to this website.
2. That you are bound to provide true and complete information wherever you are requested. If found lacks credibility(fully or partly) of your provided information, we have the rights to terminate your account or reject your access to the website without any prior intimation.
3. That all your purchases and financial transaction at this website will be based on your sole judgement and you are liable for any associated risk.
4. That you will never use the website for unlawful activities.
That you will not, harass, defame, abuse, threaten, harm, post objectionable content, show vulgarity, involve in obscenity. 
5. Not to Infringe the intellectual property rights of any third parties.
6. Not share or upload illegal or criminally offensive materials on the website.
7. Not interfere with other persons when they are using the website.
8. Not breach any laws, rules or regulations.
9. Not interfere, disrupts any associated websites of Fonocase.
10. Not create share or store copyright materials in electronic format without receiving permission of the website. 
Modification of Terms & Conditions of Service
In certain circumstances, we may undergo some modification in our website’s terms and conditions, without any prior notice. After updating the Terms and conditions, you will have the liberty to go through the latest version of the set terms at any point of time our official webpage. It is a necessary requirement that you adhere and should review the set Terms & conditions on regular basis. If at any period of time, you wish to close your account, due to your disagreement with the updated Terms or set Privacy Policy, you can follow the set procedure mentioned in the accounts section. However, if you don’t terminate your account and continued using our services, we automatically conclude that you agree on the set terms & conditions and follow it with no divergence.
Website Security
You don’t have the permission to violate or attempt to violate the set security system of the website. You are not authorized to breach any level of security wall, including without limitations, (a) It is strictly prohibited to those users who have not granted access to log into the main server or an account; (b) at the security network, so that you can test and find its vulnerability by any means, including authentication measures; (c) trying to meddle with the concerned service to any user, hosts or network system, including, without any authorization, by installing a hideous virus, bug or worm or silently installing “virus-affected file or software to the website that will result to, “flooding,” fake mailbombing” or ” system crashing”; (d) Having unauthorized access to mail and sending unsolicited email that includes promotions and showcasing unsubscribed advertisements of products and services; or (e) Intentionally tampering the pre-created TCP/IP packet header or any particular part of information in the header of any email or newsgroup post. It is a strict rule for every user to follow that any kind of system violations on security network will not be tolerated and will result in filing a criminal or civil case against them. To counter and investigate such instances, the help of FWPL might be taken to find out the root cause of such violations and every member ( or user) must comply and cooperate with enforcement authorities in taking legal action against users who are the main culprit for committing such violations. By using our services, we conclude that you adhere to our terms to avoid using any device, software or routine for hampering or attempt to tamper with the smooth processing of this website or any activity that is working effectively on this Website.
Entire Terms
If by any means, it is determined that certain terms are invalid or not enforceable for pursuing including the applicable law (but not excluding, the disclaimers of warranty guidelines and above all, liability limitations), then the particular invalid or non-enforceable provision will be considered to be out-dated by a valid and lawfully enforceable provision, that resemble the intent of the original provision and the rest of the untouched parts of terms and condition shall be in continuous effect.Until it is mentioned that there are no other changes to terms and conditions, the set terms and official website policies will be the important constituents of the agreement between you and (fonocase.com) complying to our sites/services and it succeeds all previous or contemporary communications and proposals, no matter it was in electronic form, oral or written form, between you and us (the administration) with respect to the [www.fonocase.com]. Even, in any case, we fail to act on a breach by anybody or you, it doesn’t mean the right of yours to act on similar breaches is waived off.